Photos Photos 204887564 2009 March 29569050 2009 March Showing off our new trucks and air packs 29568423 4-51 is dedicated to former Chief Paul Wilcox 29568424 John on 4-21 29569049 ISI Air Packs & Air Bottles Purchased March 2009 29569771 Shop with a hero 2008 Paul, Scott, and John pose for a picture with Santa at Shop with a hero at Meijer store in Lapeer. 25689622 Candace Miller presents grant to AFD Candace Miller presents a grant to AFD for a new air compressor to fill SCBA bottles. 25689599 Almont's new fire hall Almont's new fire hall 25689619 Softball Tournament 2007 Members of the Almont Fire Department participated in a softball tournament against other fire departments. 25689620 25689600 Bernie, Derek, Jay, Scott, and John pose for a picture in front of the gear racks at the new hall. 25689601 Holly Day Light Parade 2008 Santa catches a ride with the AFD on the antique truck 25689626 Group Picture August 2009 51922224 AFD Hall August 2009 51922900 2009 Heritage Festival Paul & Sean 64282800